A selection of papers given at the conference have been published by Routledge under the title:
"Global Tensions - Challenges and Opportunities in the World Economy"
edited by Lourdes Beneria and Savitri Bisnath


Preliminary versions of the following papers are available online:

Barbara Harriss-White
Oxford University

Male Relations of Patriarchy and Paradoxes of Development in India

Ravi Kanbur
Cornell University

International Public Goods and Global Governance

Martin Khor
Third World Network

North-South Tensions at the WTO:  Why and What Next?

Martha Nussbaum
University of Chicago

Women's Capabilities and Social Justice

Suman Sahai
the Gene Campaign

WTO/TRIPS:  Areas of Concern

Saskia Sassen
University of Chicago

Globalisation and the Geography of Centrality

Edward Soja
University of California, Los Angeles

Urban Tensions:  Globalisation, Industrial Restructuring,
and the Postmetropolitan Transition

Guy Standing
International Labour Organisation

Global Insecurity:  Restructuring Social Income

Eduardo Vasconcellos
Brazilian Public Transportation Association

Urban Transport and Structural Tensions in Developing Countries

Marc Williams
Oxford University

Social Movements and the WTO